A systematic appoach  ensures that resources are spent on the right projects

Why is it so difficult to realize the benefits of all the projects and initiatives that are being launched? The recipe for success is leadership, the right approaches and getting the relevant people involved.

Target group

This training is a must-have for anyone working on transformations and projects – whether you are in an agile environment, located centrally or decentralized, or working on construction, IT, change or business projects.

At the traning you will learn

  • To identify and plan the changes that are needed for the benefits to be realized
  • To ensure involvement and ownership of relevant stakeholders
  • To prepare a benefit realization plan and keep it updated.

Content and program

  • Introduction to Benefits Realization
  • Concept and tools
  • Changes and actions
  • Measurement
  • Anchoring and leadership
  • The Benefit Realization Plan

This Benefits Realization training is part of the Mastering Value Creation program:

The program is a flexible setup for efficient upskilling:

  • Tailored: The modules can be combined and tailored so they address your specific needs.
  • On-demand: We are flexible so we can run the traning when it suits you.
  • Physical or online: We can come to your premises or run the traning at a quite outside place. We can also run the modules as online training.
  • Duration: If physical 1 to 3 days depending on your needs and number of modules. Online modules takes 2-3 hours each, on separate days.
  • Price: Fill in the form below and get an attractive quote.

If you have a question don’t hesitate to contact one of the instructors: Henrik Faarup or Jes Mejlby Jørgensen

Mastering Value Creation