Because it is the company that has to run the projects, and not the other way around

Too many projects fail. In fact, up to 70% or more, studies show. The consequences for the company are often serious – both business and human related. The most important role in a project is played by the person(s) asking for the results and thus owning the project. But that role typically has a low priority and is drowned in operational tasks.


You get the latest insight and approach to best-practice methods and tools for steering committees, and after the course you can navigate around the most common pitfalls encountered by project owners / steering committee members. You also get a toolbox with solutions to challenges from the day, including:

  • How is a holistic business approach ensured so that we achieve the goals we set when deciding on the project?
  • How to make “left-handed work” safer and develop the role to make it attractive?
  • How to avoid being taken hostage?
  • How to deal with dilemmas in relation to other projects and portfolio management, including resource conflicts?
  • How to act when the steering committee’s powers are deficient / unclear and the responsibility in relation to the project manager is diffuse and ad hoc based?
  • How to lead certified project managers?

Based on our Steering Committee Framework we introduce themes and train skills in:

  • What is needed to manage change and projects effectively?
  • Is this “the right project”?
  • The trustworthy Business Case
  • How to secure the necessary resources?
  • The Benefits Realization Plan – how does it become realistic?
  • Make demands on the project manager and his/her tasks
  • Organization and reporting
  • Effective communication – upwards, outwards, inwards

The course runs over one intensive day and is divided into phases and themes according to a proven structure. The form consists of a mix of short theory presentations, group discussions, film clips, cases and several specific exercises. The course is practical and incorporates the participants’ experiences.
After the course, follow-up meetings will be arranged in the company to make sure learnings are applied.


The course is for you who

  • Is currently or will be management / decision maker in projects
  • Is, for example, a business manager, director, area manager, division manager
  • Want to be able to act proactively in the role in relation to project management and other stakeholders
  • Have realized that prioritization of the role is needed

The training will be held in-house at a time that best suits you

Strenghten the steering committee

Contact us if you:

  • Need an external / professional steering committee member
  • Want coaching of one or more current steering groups
  • Need help to start a steering committee and want to make sure it gets started in the right way
  • Need advice about the course

The training will be conducted by senior partners from Faarup & Partners, who have deep practical experience from working with steering committees and with extensive management experience from large companies.

Henrik Faarup
Sven Kolstrup

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