Failed projects, including delays, exceeded budgets or lost profits cost billions every year. We have suspected for a long time that the lack of adequate top management involvement in managing projects is one of the key explanations for this. This was confirmed by our study “Are steering committees a waste of time?”, which indicated that a new approach is needed to help companies achieve results and value to a greater extent.

The framework above is our solution to this challenge. The individual themes contain specific recommendations and are our suggestions for how you as the company management can become more involved in managing projects, so that many more of your projects succeed – on all parameters. Our expectation is that this framework can be immediately applied to all project types and models.

Based on this framework, we can offer

  • The Strengthen the Steering Committee training – eg. when initiating steering groups, or the specific usage of the framework
  • To participate as an external member of the steering group for a period of time
  • To carry out a Sanity Check of a specific project – to be on the safe side
  • To incorporate best practice concepts in Business Cases, Benefit Realization, Portfolio Management, Reporting, The Human Factor and Change Management

Our customers say

It is a model for the CEO (and/or C-suite at large) to ensure that a crucial project of strategic signify-cance delivers as intended – by appointing the optimal steering committee. It is the CEO’s insuran-ce policy, if you like – hence it is a tool for the CEO.

With most leaders, more frequently than not, being asked to oversee transformational steps and leaps, a cardinal tool is to delegate the responsibility and accountability to a trusted and, for the delivery of desired output, relevant group of stakeholders. The model is aiming at helping the CEO to do that.

Director at Danish university

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