Bjarne has been with Faarup & Partners since 2010 and has more than 25 years of experience in IT and business development. Most recently as VP Business Development and CIO at SAS Cargo, where he focused on efficiency and increased connection between business and IT. Concepts such as cloud computing and business intelligence were developed.

Prior to that, he was an independent consultant focusing on business development in small and medium-sized businesses. Bjarne has also been CEO of the IT companies in the Schultz Group. It included software product development activities, IT infrastructure distribution, sales and development of intranet products and hosting services.

Before that, he was the head of Industrial Computer Systems at the Danish Technological Institute, where he focused on IT strategy, software development methods and courses.

His business career started as a software development engineer at the Technological Institute in 1983.

Bjarne is educated in engineering from Aalborg University and has an executive MBA from Copenhagen Business School.

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