Changes in processes, organization, technology, physical conditions and the human and psychological consequences must be handled and managed in an integrated manner. The Business Case should be clear to everyone and easy to update, so it always reflects where the project is going to end. The overview must be anchored in management so that it can take proactive ownership and make realistic benefits realization plans. To succeed, a comprehensive level of involvement is made along the way, which continuously brings together all the necessary changes in a realistic plan that is rooted at relevant levels.

  • Far more of the organization’s changes and projects are ending as planned
  • Working only on the relevant projects
  • The planned benefits are realized
  • The employees involved are motivated and high-performing
  • Consulting at both strategic and tactical levels and top-quality resources for leadership, design and implementation of change – from start to finish
  • Facilitating the process and sparring for management and key people along the way
  • Conducting reviews of ongoing change projects including recommendations and action plan
  • Tailored courses on the content of change for selected employees

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